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"Clear and helpful, but also very entertaining and easy to read. If you’re struggling with writing or rewrites you will probably find this extremely comforting."

Reframing The Screenwriting Process is on sale now!

What makes a screenplay fun to read? I argue that a screenplay that's fun to read has to be fun to write first. If creating your screenplay is started to feel like a drag, recapturing joy that caused you to start writing is the best way to start. Writing should never feel like obeying a checklist.

My goal with this book is not to teach you how to write or review a screenplay, but to promote my method of recapturing the fun. This book is about a little something I call "reframing the process."

Reach out for a discounted screenplay report for all buyers of my book! Just message me your receipt through my website, and receive a $60 value: 3,000 words of careful analysis on how to bring your screenplay to the next level.

Oh! When when you're done reading, don't forget to leave a review! ╰(*°▽°*)╯

Cover. Reframing The Screenwriting Proce
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