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I have loved art since I was little. In college I realized that I was a writer, and while I continued drawing, telling stories became a thing I did with words, not images.

It didn't occur to me that I could do both. It's a little sad that I didn't get a chance to understand the depth of my desire to work in animation until after all my finances for college were close to depleted. As a storyboarder, what I bring to the table is a thorough understanding of film language, a deeply intuitive sense of body language and humor and gesture, and of course an innate storytelling ability I have been honing for many years now.


What I lack in is draftsmanship. I am trying to close the gap in my knowledge and skill, but with a learning disability that makes independent learning difficult, I struggle without a teacher.


Nevertheless, I continue to try to learn. To the right, you will see an old model pack and animatic that I completed during a continued education course at the School  of Visual Arts in New York. 


Whoa! Whoa whoa whoa! How did you get in here?? Who let you in? That enby with the long hair on the Home page? I'm sorry, they had no business letting you back here, this is top secret stuff.

Okay, okay. If you really want to know what I'm working on right now, I'll give you a short run down. Just... don't tell too many people, okay?

Subliminal follows the character of Lux. Their small world is ripped away when they are pulled into a liminal realm overlapping the real one. Pastels, unnatural hair coloring, odd phrases, and lofi music are right at home in this show. References include Bee and Puppycat and Over the Garden Wall. 


The Liminal Verse is an ambiguously conscious realm that exists between perception and the noumenal world - where the symbolic minds of humans are revealed to be the arbitrary gush they really are. While the denizens of this realm and the occasional human that stumbles into it have ideas about how humans get there and why, these are all theories that cannot be proven or disproven. Check it out...

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