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Shain Slepian

Script Writing and Consulting

YouTube, Fiction, and Screenplays 

Justice Shepard


Shain is a very talented script writer that was able to help me a few different channels like product review, education, and finance. Very responsive, easy to work with, and wrote incredible scripts! Would 100% recommend.

About Me

In every facet of life, we will inevitably arrive at a moment where we find ourselves struggling to say the right thing. The word escapes us or doesn't quite fit, the pieces of an idea haven't fit together somehow.

love these moments.


Grasping at a word or wrestling an idea into language is what I love about writing. Throughout my career, I have had the good fortune to play with different kinds of written expression. I have been sought out to write scripts, articles, essays, copy and social media marketing.  

I am a professional script consultant, writer, and content creator. Reach out for a chat!



YouTube Content

YouTube is a tried-and-true platform for telling the world who you are and getting folks excited about your knowledge. For just $0.20 per word, I'll write scripts that tell the story of your channel in your voice.

YouTube Portfolio


Script Consulting

 Don't let anyone tell you what your screenplay should be. Your vision is the most important aspect of your work, and I want to help you realize that vision spectacularly. Receive a 2,000+ word report on your screenplay for $100. Follow up calls are available for $50.




Stories are the greatest love of my life. I have an intuitive understanding of character and hunger for drama that hooks my readers. I charge $0.10 per word for short screenplays, web and app based serials, and any other innovative method of storytelling your team uses.


Contact Me

Chat soon!

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