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Shain Slepian

Script Consulting

Eden Bales


Shain critiqued my novel (literary fantasy) at two stages, early in the developmental editing process and again much later. They asked questions to understand what I was working to achieve and made solid suggestions based on my replies. They also demonstrated a keen understanding of character, storytelling, and plot mechanics. Absolutely would recommend for anyone looking to improve a story or script.

About Me

In every facet of life, we will inevitably arrive at a moment where we find ourselves struggling to say the right thing. The word escapes us or doesn't quite fit, the pieces of an idea haven't fit together somehow.

love these moments.


Grasping at a word or wrestling an idea into language is what I love about writing. Throughout my career, I have had the good fortune to play with different kinds of written expression. I have been sought out to write scripts, articles, essays, copy and social media marketing.  

I am a professional script consultant, grant writer, and content creator. Reach out for a chat!

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Chat soon!

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